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3 Sessions: 12-14th June, Fri-Sun, @10 am IST

Topics: ( include 5 practical techniques)

  1. Day I- Origins and Myths about Stress
  2. Importance of developing a Shield (type A/B personality)
  3. Day II – Whatever you focus on, EXPANDS!
  4. Locus of control
  5. Day III: This too shall pass!
  6. Gap between reality and expectations
  7. Short & Long-term Strategies to Manage Stress

Faculty: Rajan Parulekar – he has conducted training programs for 1000+ companies since     1995; includes Emotional intelligence, Work-life Balance etc. Practitioner of Vipassana, Mindfulness since 1986,Initiated into Zen by AMA Samy, Trainer in NLP, Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Transactional Analysis (TA) etc.

Charges: Rs 1500/-, USD 30 per head.

For payment in INR: Paytm 98450 14098, ( Rajan ) Google Pay – 98802 36793 ( Madhura)

for US $ whatsapp: Aalhad: +1(979)985-8652,

Participant Feedback: https://tinyurl.com/y9cjfen4

For support : whatsapp: 98450 14098 or 98802 36793, rajan@paradigm-info.com

Root Causes of Employee Disengagement

A number of surveys show that the majority of employees are disengaged from their work.  Factors that lead to the alienation of the modern executive  are: viewing life as  a means to an end ,  no respect for quality, abstractification and commodification. Continue reading

Three Bad Habits Sabotaging Your Productivity

Clock-StressPeter Drucker was  consulting for a CEO of a major bank in US.  For every meeting the  CEO used to assign Peter a time slot of 90 minutes. A highly effective person, the CEO was delivering  consistent results for his bank year-on-year. During the  one-and-half hour meeting the CEO refrained from taking any telephone calls Continue reading