Know Thyself – An Inquiry into the Significance of Living

When: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 1030 HRS India Time/Saturday 2100 HRS California Time – Zoom Session, Duration: 90 minutes

Perspective: Six months back I started answering questions on Quora related with stress, meditation, purpose of life etc. Some samples are:

  • How does yoga and meditation change the world?
  • How do I have enlightenment like Sadhguru?
  • Benefits of Meditation?
  • Vipassana : Meditation or something else?
  • Possible to resolve someone’s bad deeds in meditation and not get punishment.
  • How do I kill my inner negativity?

I started getting 10-12 questions daily in my inbox. To prevent information overload, I started writing answers for a specific category of questions. ( remember the question bank or the 21 most expected questions in school/college?)  Subsequently I started providing links for my blog articles. The forum: An Inquiry into the Significance of Living  is a logical extension of the activities discussed above.  

For Whom: the forum is for seekers who wish to delve deep into the existential dilemmas of living.

Session Facilitator: Rajan Parulekar

The forum is FREE and is not aimed at as an introductory session towards any paid programs.

Minimum age:  21 years.

What to expect or not to expect from the forum

1. The program is not of a prescriptive mode with quick-fix tips and techniques.

2. Irrespective of the number of sessions, no certificate shall be issued to the participants.

3. A Caveat for the trainers, counsellors and the coach fraternity; It is not a forum to propagate your offerings.

4. It is not a conventional training program with Power Point Presentations, You Tube Videos etc. It is based on the Socratic Method of deep questioning and exchange of experiential knowledge/wisdom. Participants would be expected to prepare 1-2 sincere questions for discussion prior to confirmation.

5. Conventional technique-based programs on Stress Management and Work-Life Balance, Conquest of Happiness etc. are covered in a separate forum. Participant Feedback

5. The forum is religion and belief agnostic. It can be joined irrespective of your personal philosophy, guru or a master.

6. The forum aims to enable the participants in finding answers to the existential dilemma of life by introspecting the values, beliefs, attitude and aspirations.

Registration: Please send an email stating your reason to join this forum, along with 1-2 questions to Please share your preferred email id and WhatsApp number to facilitate communication only pertaining to this Forum. 

The blog articles below shall provide a snapshot of the philosophy of the forum meetings:

 Four Noble Truths in an age of uncertainty and anxiety

A different way of Curing Addictions – A Buddhist Perspective

Who is responsible for our actions?

Cutting through Spiritual Materialism

Relevance of Ambiguous Thinking in Challenging Times

Virtues of Boredom

For articles on other topics,  please visit: Blog Articles by Rajan Parulekar

2 thoughts on “Know Thyself – An Inquiry into the Significance of Living

  1. Ambujakshan Nair R

    Hi Rajan Bhai:) We all need such periodic Voltage Stabilising and Tranquilising connects so that we can regain our own inner anchorage again Sir ji. Am emailing you my request with 2 Q’s that torments me from within…off and on like a demonic force Sir!

    Please do guide us…we need a seasoned Paramacharya like you to be our light post in the tempestous waters of modern life Sir ji:)


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